ZECURA Project – Its Origins and Methodology

Travelling University – Innovative Academic Tool for Sustainability

Travelling University – Student Perspective

Travelling University – Manager’s Perspective

Travelling University – Authentic Professional Experience in the Seminar Setting

Prof. Buddhika Jayathilaka – TU as a Catalyst for Change

Dr. Hilonga from Tanzania – An Innovator Who is Saving Lives Globally

Dr. Legrouri from Côte d’Ivoire – Education as the Tool for Sustainable Change

Dr. Byakatonda from Uganda – What Aspects to Work on

Dr. El Asli from Morocco – Future of Bioenergy

George L Openjuru – Gulu University as a Driver of Transformation

Prof. Lugomela – NM-AIST – A University that Drives Innovation for Sustainability

Hon. Maxmillian Matle Iranqhe – Arusha and ZECURA – Partnership for ChaDr.nge

Dr.  Saliou Toure – A visioner who dreams big

M. Sc. Janis Schiffner – community engagement for sustainability in Hessen, Germany

Prof. Dr. Helling – ECB – The Greenest Campus in Germany 

Hon. Alfred Okwonga – Gulu City on Its Way to Becoming a Green City

Faith Felix – Empowering Girls in STEM

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