The International ZECURA Conference takes place from October 09 to October 13, 2023, in Birkenfeld

Arrival of ZECURA partners in Birkenfeld
Dinner reception at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

1. Welcome by Prof. Dr. Peter Heck — Managing Director, IfaS
2. An introduction to Germany’s #1 Green Campus
(a technical tour/TSV-1)
3. Orientation seminar: ZECURA thus far…
(country-specific results: lessons learned, challenges and achievements)

Guided Technology Site Visits (TVS-2–4): German zero emissions and resilient strategies (visit Simmers, Kirchberg and Morbach)

14th International Circular Economy Conference

Showcase of ZECURA project achievements and highlights

1. Guided Technology Site Visits (TVS-5&6): Frontiers in building resilient cities – a German experience
2. Guided historical city tour: Trier

The way forward: Prognosis of the ZECURA project

  1. Country-specific follow-up actions (action plans for establishing ZE Campuses + resilient city initiatives)
  2. Collaborative actions beyond 2024 (financing and funding models, policy orientation, and South-South collaborations)
  3. ZECURA II: Potential interests and priority actions/focus

— End of the conference and departure

The agenda is tentative and subject to change.

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